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Lasithi and Knossos

Our first stop on the sightseeing route towards the center of Crete is the monastery "Kera Kardiotissa". It's closeddprice of the Virgin Mary and run by nuns at locally also known as Little Lourdes. People make pilgrimages here and pray to be freed from their sins. Then we head south and arrive at the Lassithi Plateau, which may have been the crater of an ancient volcano. It counts almost ten thousand windmills. Even in summer, the plateau is a wonderfully cool and fertile area where you will see small traditional villages and receive a very warm welcome.

After a lunch break in one of the local villages in Lasithi, we will visit the Dicti cave, where, according to legend, born Zeus, father of the Greek Gods.


The travel agency is not responsible for weather conditions and road traffic.

Image by Adrien Delforge
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