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Discover and taste the real Crete with us

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Dear friends, I am Zuzana Hrdličková and I will show you the real Crete so that you can enjoy it fully and carefree. I thoroughly enjoy life here, the beauty of the island and also excellent local products, cuisine and sunsets on the beach during a picnic.

My beginnings? 

Ever since I was a child, I went on trips around the Czech Republic with my mother, and we roasted dumplings in the mountains. When there was the possibility, we went beyond the limits of everyday life to Bulgaria and East Germany. Back then it was a big show :-) This is where my love of traveling, discovering and tasting the delicacies of the locals

After finishing school, I had the opportunity to work abroad, in Switzerland. Far from the warmth of home, from family and friends, I set off on my first big adventure. It was a priceless lesson and I spent almost 2 years there.

After returning to the Czech Republic, I lived for some time in Prague and worked for a foreign company that organized professional training for managers. As a result, I had the opportunity to travel almost the entire world from the Dominican Republic, through the Maldives, to Singapore. I really enjoyed the freedom that this job gave me, coming up with different experiences after the training, organizing them, working with people, and also the beautiful feeling at the end when everything went well and everyone was excited about the event.

During all these years I traveled the world, there was always a reason to return to Crete. That reason was HIM, my current partner. Greek, you know it. We couldn't resist :-) It drew us together all these years. And one day, I found myself here. Believe me, the beginnings were not easy. Different language and above all writing, different customs, different region, everything is different. I gradually made my way here, gained experience in the tourism industry as a delegate, and then came the idea of the project "CRETE WITH US"


I thought about it and planned it for years, and only you yourself started writing to me on Instagram for advice and help. I already said to myself, it's now or never, and I went for it.

I started driving around the island, meeting new people, owners of villas, apartments, studios and small hotels, as well as local farmers and owners of wineries and olive groves. She searched her memory, where we had eaten good food, tried new tastes and experiences. She discovered unknown corners many times into the night, so that I could only recommend to you what I had tried on my own skin and tongue, and you no longer had to worry about anything.

I will be very happy if we can welcome you, see many of you again, here in Crete, full of beautiful beaches, surrounded by fairy-tale nature, ancient history and friendly people. In a country where time has stopped a little and you will be able to forget the worries of everyday life and enjoy a carefree holiday together, enjoy a picnic on the beach or taste olive oil. 

We look forward to seeing you and believe that everything will be OK - Ola kala ;-)

Zuzana and our family team


This is us 

Our real family, which is not afraid to embark on even the biggest adventure.

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