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Shopping time – Traditional markets in Heraklion

This excursion will take you to the largest open market in Crete that is organized once a week and you will have the opportunity to shop at very low pricesy. If you want to get small gifts and souvenirs home, this is the best choice for you. By visiting the open air market in Heraklion, you will feel what it is like market life in Crete and how the locals do business.


The hustle and bustle of the market will transport you back in time and you will see how the locals try to present and sell their products. In addition to souvenirs and clothing, you will also find food and organic Cretan products from local growers and producers. At the market you will also have the opportunity to taste traditional "suvlaki" and other traditional dishes served in small shops selling food and drink.

Excursion type: City tour - half day

You should bring: comfortable shoes, camera

Return to the hotels: 14:30 – 15:0030


The travel agency is not responsible for weather conditions and road traffic.

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