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Olive oil testing and a tour of the press

Come with us to discover the traditional production of olive oil.
Take a look at the entire process of its production, from how the olives are harvested, the different ways they are pressed, to the tasting of several of its types. We will also teach you how to recognize the high-quality one, by what, so that next time you will know how to recognize the one full of taste, aroma and nutrients. All this directly from the owners of the press, in a wonderful environment with amazing views of  olive groves and nature.


Tour of the press and tasting of olive oil

You will learn about growing olive trees and caring for them.
They will describe to you the production of extra virgin olive oils, using the cold pressing method and cold extraction.
You will taste 3 types of extra virgin olive oils and 2 flavored ones, Cretan sweet vinegar and petimezi syrup.

He will explain to you what chemical and organoleptic analysis is and how to follow it when choosing olive oil

Minimum: 2 people

Maximum capacity: 30 people


Tour time 1.5 hours

Tour of the press and tasting at the olive oil factory with a 40ml gift

 The tour contains the same elements as tour #1

As a gift, you will receive a small glass bottle with extra virgin olive oil, the so-called First cold press, or one from 

flavored olive oils with a volume of 40 ml.

Minimum:2 persons

Maximum capacity: 30 people

Tour time 1.5 hours


Tasting of extra virgin olive oils


The tour focuses on what extra virgin olive oil is, how to taste it properly and how to recognize it well when buying.

In order to answer these questions reliably, we will taste 3 samples of extra virgin olive oil and 1 flavored olive oil with traditional bread

Minimum: 2 people

Maximum capacity: 30 people

Tour time 45 minutes


  • VAT is included in the price

  • Packages must be reserved and paid for at least one week in advance 

  • All packages are free for children under 4, half price for children under 12

  • Cancellation more than 2 working days in advance, 100% refund minus bank charges (3 euros)

  • Cancellation less than 2 working days in advance, 0% refund

  • All packages can be combined with each other and stay for more activities

  • the visit to the press is in English, if you would like a guide with a Czech translation, the price for a group (even two people) is plus €25. The number of people does not matter

  • Transport to the place, own. We will be happy to help you rent a car and bring it to your accommodation

  • The travel agency is not responsible for weather conditions and road traffic.

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