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Car rental

Join us on a journey of discovery and discovery of traditional Crete. Whether to mountains and races or picturesque villages where time has stopped or to sandy and pebble beaches with clear sea, which is completely different in each part of Crete

Holiday and travel family concept, Summe

Reliable throughout Crete

Would you like to rent a car in Crete and you are not sure which rental company to choose to be reliable and know that you are in the best hands and at the best price?

After several years of experience in the tourism industry, I know that finding the right one is not easy. Either from their own experience or that of our travelers. You will not find various financial advances, blocking of money on the account or other hidden fees with us.

We have selected reliable rentals in Crete for you so that you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind and go to the places of your dreams or just go and discover the beauty of Crete.

What can you expect

- Quick online booking via social networks, WhatsUpp or email even within a few minutes.

- You don't have to go anywhere.

- Short-term rentals when you are already in Crete without the need for deposits.

- Reservation for a longer period in advance 15-20% deposit to a Czech account.

- 100% insurance without deductible.

- Delivery to the airport or directly to your accommodation.

What do we need from you?

- Name and surname, for how many people and of what age (children - seats).

- Where to park. Airport, which airport or which accommodation.

- Drop off at the airport? - flight numbers, arrival and departure time.

- mobile phone available here in Crete.

Image by Joshua Kettle

A big bonus of our rental companies?
Can't you speak a foreign language?  It doesn't matter, we will help you with everything in Czech.
We will advise you of several rental companies to help you ensure the best service at the best price.
Plus our local advice on where to go, where to eat well, tips on the best beaches and the most beautiful local villages, where to find entertainment for children or the best ice cream.
Email us at or 
message and we will help you find a car according to your wishes.

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